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….A newsletter from the desk of Pastor Steve-Alton United Methodist Church….


~December 2018~

     Recently I was looking for some information I recorded in my 2011 calendar, and noticed an entry from December 5th, 2018.  It read: “computer crashed.”  Ah yes-I remember that day quite well.  That laptop had provided 8 years of loyal service, accompanying me through years of church work-including seminary, writing of sermons, newsletters and over 400 sermons.  On that fateful day, my trusty Acer laptop fizzled on me (in technical terms, my hard drive crashed.)  Fortunately, I had copies of all of the sermons and most of the newsletters and other important papers; however-I did lose a lot of material.  Rather desperate to see if there was any way to retrieve the information off my crashed hard drive, I took my poor little laptop to a couple of places and requested  an “intervention” from their technicians to see if there was any way to salvage my work from years gone by.  Alas, I was told there was no hope (sigh.)  Lesson learned. Since then I have been quite diligent in backing-up my computer on an external drive.

     Speaking of interventions, we have now entered Advent, a season which finds us walking toward Christmas morning. That word intervention fits quite nicely with our sense of Advent.  It is during the Advent season we share scriptures reminding us of those who cried-out for an intervention from God.  From the Old Testament we hear the pleas of the prophets for God to intervene in their world, pleas for justice and mercy.

      Recently during worship I spoke of how different our world is from the world in which the prophets lived, and yet the need for a “God intervention” in our lives and in our world is needed just the same.  It certainly does not take much looking around to find darkness both locally and globally; God’s love and light are needed now more than ever.

     It is on Christmas we recognize the ultimate intervention in our history; the day God intervened in dramatic fashion as the Divine became flesh and  walked among us, demonstrating the nature of God to the world while teaching what it means to be part of the Kingdom of God.

     On Christmas day we will once again rejoice and celebrate this ultimate intervention, but for now we will continue our journey through Advent, a season of anticipation and reflection.  During the hectic and chaotic rhythm of this season, may we all spend time acknowledging and serving the One who has provided for us the ultimate intervention, an intervention we will celebrate as its coming anniversary arrives on December 25th

Sharing Scripture

For unto us a child will be born, unto us a child will be given; And the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)