~Staying Connected (October 2017)~

….A newsletter from the desk of Pastor Steve-Alton United Methodist Church….

~Consider This~

     Recently I was once again thumbing through the pages of the really interesting book put together by William R. Sawtell called “Alton, Then and Now.  The book is filled with great information and wonderful pictures of Alton’s history, including information and pictures about our church. Also this past week I was looking through some historical information and pictures about our church in some of the files located at the church office and in storage. I was able to read through old financial reports, building plans for the “new” fellowship hall which took place a couple of decades ago, and old committee reports. It was a real treat to look through this historic information; as I did so I felt a deep appreciation for all of the people who have gone before us.  These people, and the generations before them laid the foundation which makes our current ministries possible.  What a blessing!

     I wish I could thank each one of the people I met when reading those articles and  pictures.  Sadly, I can’t do that, but what I can do is thank each one of you who make our current ministries possible.  The work we are doing together not only serves our community and the world at the present time, we are also continuing to provide a foundation for those who come after us.  So…..thank you!

  • Thank you to all who met, filled-out reports, and otherwise prepared to meet our district superintendent during our Church Conference a few weeks ago.  Well done!

  • Thank you for your support of local folks who deal with issues related to hunger; your donations of non-perishable food items the first Sunday of each month are appreciate by many.

  • Thank you for all the hard work (picking-up groceries, cooking, cleaning, greeting, early morning hours!) that goes into providing our community with a hot breakfast and warm fellowship each month.  This is a great opportunity to meet people from our community while providing financial support for our church.

  • Thank you to all for the generous investment of your time, talents and finances.  You make our ministries possible!

  • Thank you to our United Methodist Women who continue a long history of important ministries to our church, our community and beyond. You are appreciated!

  • Thank you to Mary Smith who provides us with inspiring music each Sunday morning.

  • Thank you to Paulette Borja who does such a wonderful job looking after our finances.

  • Thank you to each one of you who stand with our church in prayer.


     It is important to remember the people before us who have provided our foundation; it is also important to acknowledge those who continue this work.  What a blessing to be part of this church family!